20 Reasons Indya Moore Is A Gift To All Of Us

"You deserve to be uplifted and held."

Indya Moore has been charming the world as Angel on Pose for three seasons now.

But all that Angel charm isn't a front. Off-screen Indya is an inspirational activist and artist who isn't afraid to explore the good, bad, and ugly about being human.

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And she's stunningly gorgeous too, yeah. So, let's celebrate the amazingness that is Indya, shall we?

1. Her "woke up like this" is a gift from the universe.

2. She's half of one of the most iconic, loving, evolving LGBTQ+ partnerships ever seen on TV (Angel + Papi 4ever).


3. She dances on roofs. Enough said.

4. Her Pose wedding was a fairytale dream come true for women of all backgrounds, inspiring us that love for the real you is out there.


5. She's the hottest girlfriend Evan Peters has ever had ????.


6. She uplifts her coworkers, like the fabulous MJ Rodriguez, with genuine love and admiration.

7. And Jeremy Pope, too!

8. She explores the deepest complexities of identity, and the challenges of being true to yourself in Western culture and beyond.

9. She makes friends with even the humblest of creatures.

10. She could have a decent side hustle as a nature photographer.

11. She's fearless in her portrayal of Angel, whether living the glamorous life or working through issues like addiction and relationship trauma.


12. She's an expert cuddler.

13. She's got inspirational wise words for dealing with the haters.

14. She's a dog whisperer.

15. She boldly dives into the shadow-work of generational trauma, to transmute it into positive evolution — and shares the journey with us through art.

16. Tropical Indya is sheer perfection — you can almost feel the sea breeze and get a waft of fresh mango through the screen.

17. She does bohemian-chic like she invented it.

18. She can't resist gettin' down to Cardi.

19. She may actually be an intergalactic visitor...?

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty #blessed she's around. Do you have mad love for Angel or Indya? Let us know in the comments!

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